Oh yes the Tank Bund! How could we miss out the heart of the city?

Who said an Anarkali is all confined to the ceremonies and festivities !? This girl could carry it off anywhere, and so can you !

Of course its cotton 😛

It was such fun shooting ’cause, oh boy she could jump ! I would call her “Let thy hair down” ! 😀 That Rapunzel like hair, and filled with so much cheer and craziness, her laughter comes alive in the pictures ! ^_^

After the shoot I realised, how amazing it is to actually take a walk along the lake.

Love and happiness,
Anees and Minhaz ❤



An unplanned sleepover, an intense conversation of weird stuff and an impromptu idea that changed our boring lives!

A blog!? Yeah.. We wanted to start a photo blog? Did we even have any idea about this?

Yes! We did. Thanks to Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest etc

My infinite love for photography and Minhaz’s keen interest in fashion, and our common adulation for food and fun blend just perfect for Pretty.Upclose! Just our first month and we had really no idea that this was going to be a crazy fun filled roller coaster ride we took a ticket to.

Month One was all about steaming coffee, mouthwatering lunches, hanging out at Lotus Pond, a visit to the divine temple and an invite to a friend’s engagement party. So much fun just in one month!

Staying on my toes is what I always loved! I couldn’t think of a better reason to be the same.

A massive thanks to all of you for supporting and liking our posts.

Keep supporting!

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Really excited females with love,
Anees and Minhaz ❤


Close to completing one month since our blog has started, we decided to feature our fifth post at a much joyous occasion we attended this week.

An Engagement ceremony or Sagaii ! Where two beautiful souls commit to their undying love for each other. How overwhelming and exciting to be a part of :’)
Looking our glittery stunning best for the party and for our post, We began to shoot our little sister! Who too was dressed up in this orange coloured gorgeous ankle length Anarkali.
Natural curls, a cute smile and Ayesha’s persona was the icing on the cake to bring the best of this shoot.

P.S Don’t miss our next post.. It’s a HAPPY ONE MONTH !!


Location: Ananda Buddha Vihara

We ventured out to create our fourth edition at this remarkable location named The Ananda Buddha Vihara.
This significant temple depicts magical peace and the declining sun brings such immense serenity and calmness to this exquisite locale.

The temple is enveloped in a variety of flowers which make this divine temple even more magnificent. The far flung view from top of the temple is breath taking. It captures most of the city and it reminds us how beautiful and mind-blowing our home is.

Visit Ananda Buddha Viharara and you will surely find yourself surrounded by utmost peace and quiet.
Just another place, right in our city!
Well we are having a blast going places! Hope you do too ;)!

Happy Weekend! 😀


Lush green surroundings, cool breeze and one of our favorite places Lotus Pond !  😀
Beating the heat and escaping to this peaceful park to create our third post couldn’t have been a better idea.
We shot these pictures between 4 and 6 PM…what is actually – the perfect timing!

During this incredible summer, lack of a beach in the city is much felt but places like these are perfect getaways. The park which surrounds this little pond can be more than a kilometer to walk and the pond is filled with these cute little turtles and fishes. 😀

Lets make our world more like this place. Lets plant. 🙂


In the midst of this scorching summer, I found there was within me, an invincible autumn…

Our second post is shot in the beginning of this crazy summer. What better than natural sunlight !?
Pleasant surroundings, light colors and a scorching sun made everything just as perfect for us to shoot!

Waiting and wanting to evolve and bloom.. and not to omit the crazy hunger (desert) pangs..or maybe its something to do with la Italiano…and their unmatched love for food.‘The Panna Cotta’ which literally translates to Cooked Cream,  is the next thing to divine and definitely doesn’t taste the same twice. But before I tempt you all to the la la sugar town.

Here are some summer tips,that help you keep going all summer: Leave your house daily with some really important stuff like sunscreen lotion, a bottle of water or juice, an umbrella (who walk a lot) and a smile ! ^_^

P.S: Thank me later ya’ll

Keeping Heads, Heels and Standards High.


Hello everybody and welcome to Pretty.UpClose

We are really happy to introduce you to our Blogging ! Today onwards every week we bring to you posts in the form of pictures. Posts related to style, location, outings, moments and much more.

Our first post today is everyone’s favourite past time “A cup of coffee”. 
Yay ! 😀