An unplanned sleepover, an intense conversation of weird stuff and an impromptu idea that changed our boring lives!

A blog!? Yeah.. We wanted to start a photo blog? Did we even have any idea about this?

Yes! We did. Thanks to Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest etc

My infinite love for photography and Minhaz’s keen interest in fashion, and our common adulation for food and fun blend just perfect for Pretty.Upclose! Just our first month and we had really no idea that this was going to be a crazy fun filled roller coaster ride we took a ticket to.

Month One was all about steaming coffee, mouthwatering lunches, hanging out at Lotus Pond, a visit to the divine temple and an invite to a friend’s engagement party. So much fun just in one month!

Staying on my toes is what I always loved! I couldn’t think of a better reason to be the same.

A massive thanks to all of you for supporting and liking our posts.

Keep supporting!

We are ready for some honest feedback for our future posts. Do follow us on Instagram (@aneestasneem)

Really excited females with love,
Anees and Minhaz ❤


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